Aug 15, 2014

What are the most exotic co-working spaces in the world?

Do you know of a co-working space in an exotic part of the world? Or a co-working space with some unique or unusual features? If you do, please share!
I'm with the first answer, I work out of my home too. I prefer it to alternative spaces since I can control the noise level and other distractions. If you go outside the house you are liable to end up wasting time or you may find it hard to concentrate to get your work done.

The closest I’ve come is a telecommuting and working at various times at my home office, dining room table, couch and, occasionally, bed. My cat keeps me company and doesn’t use my coffee cup, which I once had a human co-worker make a habit of doing. On the other hand, that co-worker didn’t randomly sit on my laptop, so maybe that’s a wash. In addition, because I have a data plan and modem with my laptop, I’ve also worked in the park by the river, at the local sushi bar, and laying in a tent in a national park while listening to the rain fall onto the fly. I know that’s not exactly what you are asking about since my location is anything but exotic, but my point is that with current technology, almost anyone with a job that doesn’t require their physical presence can combine work with a very pleasant lifestyle while still meeting deadlines.     

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