Aug 12, 2014

How to use 4-pin USB connector with 9-pin USB header?

Can I use an old peripheral with a 4-pin style USB connector with a 9-pin USB header (assuming I can find the proper drivers for it)?

I see you've got an answer already. You may also want to check out Wikipedia's article on USB and connectors for more background information:

A 9 pin USB connector is really just two 4 pin connectors plus shielding. It should work fine, but you really should check the pinout to determine pin orientation. You don’t want to connect power on one to ground on the other, so make sure first. Look at the wires, red=power. That said, I’ve connect 4 pins to 9 pin in the past with no problems. 

There is a diagram in the last post of this thread, if you want to see what I mean by pinout. 
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