Aug 08, 2014

Which is the better choice, cloud based or in-house network monitoring?

What are the drawbacks and advantages of cloud based network monitoring versus in-house network monitoring?

It depends on the requirements. but to be on the safer side , would suggest cloud based network monitoring. since most of the network management are now moving into cloud set up.
I don't know the differences. But I used both more cloud based and in-houce network monitoring.
Cloud-Based Network Monitoring Tools: Pros And Cons

"There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of using a cloud-based networking monitoring solution. To start, these solutions can be very attractive to businesses looking to reduce their in-house responsibilities. In this case the tasks involved around the management of the monitoring system are offloaded to a third party cloud provider and the job of in-house networking management revolves strictly around the monitoring and management of the networking elements.

Popular customers are companies that have not previously been able to justify a complex in-house networking monitoring solution. While many of these companies may have been able to justify a simple ICMP based networking monitoring solution, they would certainly benefit from having some of the analysis tools that have been available to large enterprises for years. "

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