Aug 07, 2014

How to choose a VPN?

I’d like to use a VPN to protect my privacy, but I don’t really want to spend much money on this. What do I need to look at when choosing a VPN, aside from cost?

Few thing you should know before buying any VPN:
Privacy Policy?
Servers count?
Location count?
24/7 Customer support?
Compatibility with your OS and devices you use regularly?
What encryption they are offering?

If you are clear with all these questions just check out their speed tests on various reviews website like this http://www.vpnanalysis.com/expressvpn-review/
There are various factors which directly affect about how to choose the VPN.Some of them are given below.
Why you are using VPN? are you going to use for security, are you are out of your hometown and want to access to your subscriber like Hulu, Netflix, are you using for anonymity. So for my experience go towards review website like VpnRanks for Best VPN Software. The reason why i recommend review sites because they rank VPN Providers according to their usage and its really esy to choose from a review site than from direct provider.
There are a lot of VPN providers, but the most important thing you have to know about a VPN: it protects your internet connection and all the data that you are sending or receiving will be encrypted and secured.

Price range from 5 to 10 dollars a month, it isn't very much. You can look at the big forums or websites with reviews what different providers offers. Exsample: I always pay attention to the money-back guarantee and trial. Other customer wants provider to have a many servers in different countries. So, your choice depends on your needs :)

There are certain things that you must consider for choosing a VPN are:
1- Do they keep logs?
2- Policies for user anonymity and privacy.
3- How many server locations you can use?
4- How easy to use the service?
5- Protocols (2TP VPN, OpenVPN, SSTP VPN and SSH VPN)
6- Price (monthly and yearly)
You can read the details of all best vpn providers at http:www.bestvpnservice.com before choosing any vpn.
you can check this page that list top of vpn service.
and i use expressvpn for years,their service really stable,for cheap you can use Private Internet Access VPN.

One thing you also need to consider in a VPN is the speed of connection. There are some VPN's that it would take a while before you can connect or the speed is too slow. Other thing, consider the number of server and how secure your connection is.


At this moment, I am using ZenVPN. You can try it for free so that you may assess if the service for you is worth your time. So far, they have lowest monthly rate w/ 5gb of daily service usage and you can change the location anytime you may prefer.



Here is some things to consider:


- Why do you need a VPN and how many servers you need?

- Where should the servers be located?

- Do you need servers that suports P2P?

- Which is the encryption needed?

- What is the vpn's provider privacy policy?

- Does the VPN provides VPN clients for easy setup?


Most of the questions you have to ask yourself are related to the use of the VPN. 

My recomandation is ibVPN. I'm with them for over 6 months and any question you have, theri support will help you in minutes. 



Nowadays there are many reliable VPN provider in industry so in order to find the best one, go online and check out the reviews for different VPN services. Make a comparison of the features, costs, security, speed, bandwidth, server location and connectivity protocol. By doing your research beforehand, you can narrow down your options to two or three VPN service providers before making a final decision.


I personally subscribed to purevpn as it helped me to bypass the restriction when I was in China through the following dedicated software but I'm sure you can find many reliable providers by checking those reviews:



Hope it could help.

Why You Should Start Using a VPN (and How to Choose the Best One for Your Needs)

"The best VPNs offer a solid balance of features, server location, connectivity protocols, and price. Some are great for occasional use, others are geared towards getting around the location restrictions companies put on their apps and services, and others are targeted at people who do heavy downloading and want a little privacy while they do it. Here's what you should look for."

There are a number of options if you are trying to protect your in formation, here are a few suggestions that will help you out however, you have to realize that if somone wants the information bad enough they might just get it. So always be weary of what you are doing on the net. In order to establish a basic VPN you can use a basic proxy service like Cyberghost which will charge you a monthly fee to use their services for what is called tunneling  all trafic is encrypted via their Proxy servers around the world. Im sure there are other services that do the same, you just have to do the research. Also there is a free app called peerblock that will block some of the data colleced from your IP. You can use Youtube to check videos on how to set it up and download it. Of course the services I described above are for home use only, Im assuming that is what you are trying to do. Once connected to a proxy server with a different IP dont sign in to your google account or any profiles that might expose your identity and you should be fine,  hope this helps!

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