Aug 07, 2014

How to prepare hard drive for storage?

Other than keeping a HDD in a relatively dry environment, what steps should be taken for long term storage when they are not installed in a PC?


I would store them in anti-static bags. Or, if you are really cheap and don’t want to pony up for an anti-static bag you can wrap it in plain old aluminium foil. I also think it’s a good idea to bubble wrap them. Let’s face it things often get knocked around when they are in storage, and a HDD doesn’t need that.

Ask HTG: How Should I Store Old Hard Drives and Electronic Components?

"Whether you’re a bit of a parts hoarder or just trying to reuse old parts and keep them out of the dump, it’s easy to amass a pile of electronic components. Storing them is no good if they’re damaged when you go to use them, though; read on as we talk safe storage and how to keep your old HDD and friends alive."
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