Aug 03, 2014

Why can't I get your slide shows in a document-style format?

I want to be able to read your comments and see the links in a document and not in the slide-show format.

Thank you for the question. We often do longer, feature-length stories and then follow-up with a companion slideshow if it makes sense - say, the story lends itself to a list. When we do that, we put a related link to the slideshow in the article. Depends on how we want to tell the story or present the information. And for lighter topics, we often will just do the slideshow and won't bother creating an article for it.

That said, it's definitely something for us to consider, because as you point out, not everyone likes a slideshow. We'll give that some more thought. It's just a matter of finding the resources to do it.

Thanks for the input!

Jodie, ITworld

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