Aug 01, 2014

Which instant messaging services offer end-to-end encryption?

Maybe I have my tinfoil hat on too tight, but I don’t like the idea of anyone being able to “listen” in on my private conversations. On the other hand, in light of the revelations that the CIA has been listening in on the US Senate, maybe I need to upgrade my hat to the deluxe model. Which IM services offer the greatest protection against monitoring? Which ones offer end-to-end encryption?

This thread at StackExchange has some useful suggestions:


I know that the new Tor’s Bleep online chat service does, but that is in invitation only alpha at the moment. Here is the link where you can submit your email address to be put on the invitation waiting list. http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/bleep/ 


There is also invisible.im which is specifically designed to allow people like whistleblowers to share information with being compromised. You might want to keep an eye on it...it’s still in development. http://invisible.im/# 


Another option is the i2pMessenger that uses i2p anonymization. https://geti2p.net/en/docs/how/tech-intro 



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