Jul 25, 2011

Has Apple cornered the market on high-quality, attractive notebook computers?


Apple's MacBook Air is perhaps the most stylish yet functional notebook computer. Checking out my local Best Buy, I see no models which are as thin or as attractive as it is - most of them are clunky and weigh at least 2 pounds more. How come there are no pc's with a similar form factor? 


Paul Thurrott tried to get his MacBook Air to run Windows 7 and ran into all kinds of problems:


which is why I wouldn't bother getting an Apple product and then shoehorning Microsoft Windows onto it.


I don't think they've cornered the market, but their products are certainly distinct. I'm sure there are some PC vendors with thinner offerings. You will probably need to look around though.

I've found the Boot Camp tool works pretty well if you need to run Windows on Macs. I had no problem installing it on a Macbook Pro I had a while back. So that might be an option for you too.

You can also install VirtualBox and just run Windows right on your Mac OS X desktop via VirtualBox. VB is free and open source. So that's another option for you.



Dell's Adamo is admired for the form factor, but still pretty darned slow because it uses the Core 2 Duos that the MacBook Air shipped with until just last week.



Let's hope they can start making them with i5's and i7's like Apple does.



Although I have yet to see one, it appears Intel is predicting that Windows PC manufacturers will catch up to Apple by the end of 2012. I have no idea why it would take them so long.


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