Jul 20, 2014

Is the ability to touch type an important skill for programmers?

Writing code for a living obviously involves a lot of typing. Does being able to type without looking at the keyboard or screen improve your productivity as a programmer? Why or why not?
I agree with ehtan, it's an absolute must-have skill. There are plenty of applications on various platforms that can teach someone how to type and it's well worth spending some time to learn it. I can't imagine not knowing how to do it.

I’m not a programmer, but I still think the answer to your question is the same for everyone. Touch typing is vital for any activity that involves recording what is in your mind. If you have to hunt and peck to type, it lessens your focus on the task at hand by dividing your concentration between the act of thinking and the physical act required to get those thoughts “down on paper.” Right now, for instance, I’m not thinking about the individual letters or where my fingers are on the keyboard. I just think the word/sentence and it almost magically appears on the screen. Normally, I am not even aware of the process, it just happens. Thanks, Everquest, for all those hours of typing practice you provided during my youth.  

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