Jul 20, 2014

Can Windows 8.1 be installed on Mac?

I know that you can install Windows 7 on a Mac using Boot Camp, but is it also compatible with Windows 8.1? I was thinking that the touch screen oriented OS might cause issues.

Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac

"You can install the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 on a Mac if:

It can run Boot Camp 5.

It meets the system requirements.

You own a valid copy of Windows 8.1 (64-bit), or you already have Windows 8 installed."

Yes, you can install Windows 8.1 using Boot Camp. It’s not going to cause any more issues that it would installed on a Windows desktop or laptop without a touch screen. In other words, it’s still going to be “meh” but work fine. Just make sure your Mac meets the hardware requirements from the link below and you should be fine (or at least meh).


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