Jul 20, 2014

What does the new partnership between IBM and Apple mean for businesses?

IBM and Apple announced a partnership, where IBM will be building iOS apps aimed at the enterprise for Apple products. IBM as an app developer sounds a little strange to me. App development isn’t something IBM is exactly known for. Obviously, I expect something more than Flappy Bird for Acme Corp., but what will this partnership mean for businesses? What will IBM bring to the table with Apple that wasn’t already there?

Apple's Partnership With IBM Is About The Victory Of Design Over Data

"In practical terms, the deal will offer Apple access to IBM’s customers and data analytics capabilities to power enterprise apps. IBM will have something sexy to sell. The interesting point for me was how the two companies approached the messaging around the announcement. On IBM’s MobileFirst page, the first thing you see after the stark announcement of the logos of Apple + IBM is a quote from IBM founder Thomas Watson, Jr., “Good design is good business.” Apple, by contrast, leads with “Redefining the mobile enterprise,” which sits atop a paragraph that explains how “this exclusive global partnership will deliver a new class of apps that connect users to big data and analytics right on their iOS devices with more ease and efficiency than ever before.”
It does seem like a bit of an odd fellow pairing; like the “Mac guy” and “PC guy” from the old Apple commercials started hanging out together. But when you think about it, the partnership makes sense. Apple has never had the dominance Microsoft has enjoyed with enterprise uses, but they have two of the most popular mobile devices in the country (and world) with the iPhone and iPad. IBM has enjoyed a long history as a company with strong ties to business users, and is the source of a large amount of enterprise software. With integration between IBM and iOS, this make make BYOD easier and more secure for enterprise users, and even open up the possibility of BYOD for companies that have resisted it to this point. This partnership will allow both companies to reinforce and strengthen their enterprise presence, for Apple to expand its enterprise presence, and will make life easier for IT departments. Everybody wins except Microsoft.
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