Jul 17, 2014

Can Apple TV be used for video conferencing?

I understand the basics of hooking up the Apple TV device to the TV or projector HOWEVER I am not familiar with Apple TV so I need to ask if the device has a built in camera and microphone or do I need to have separate devices or use the laptop camera and microphone?


You'd be better off with an iMac or Macbook for that kind of thing. See Amazon's Apple page for links to either of these and other products. If you don't need to be mobile than I'd probably recommend checking out the iMacs, particularly the 27-inch ones. The large screen is excellent for video calls and it includes a camera and microphone right out of the box.


Sorry, it doesn’t come with a camera or mic built in. It really isn’t made with video conferencing in mind, and as far as I know, it does not even support a webcam. You might be able to use a Mac or iOS device and AirPlay to set up a Facetime chat, but I haven’t even tried that. I think that you may be looking at the wrong tool for the job in this instance.

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