Jul 17, 2014

How to fix lotus notes error, ‘RRV Bucket is Corrupt’.

Yesterday when I tried to open my Notes mail, the following error flashed on the screen:

‘RRV Bucket is Corrupt’.
The error would be occurring due to corrupt bookmarks. I tried to fix the error by renaming

Repairing corrupted Lotus Notes files

"If you encounter an "RRV bucket is corrupt" error, you can accept that the file is corrupt and you will need to:

1. Have the client restore the file from the last back up copy of the database; or
2. Create a new replica from a good copy of the database

The Record Relocation Vector (RRV) is a table that points to the notes within the database. An RRV bucket contains the information to locate the data for specific notes or object identifiers within a database.
This is a common error when dealing with IBM Lotus Notes /Domino database files that have become corrupted. The RRV bucket becomes corrupt if the Operating System hangs, crashes or is restarted at the moment when the RRV table is being updated."

Well, there can be various reasons for the above error to occur. Bookmark file corruption is one of them. But if rebuilding the desktop5.dsk didn’t help you. Then there is nothing wrong with it. You need to diagnose for other error causing factors. The error can also occur due to Issues in template based database, database corruption, and archive corruption.


Refer the below link to get a thorough insight of the error’s causes and their resolution methods:



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