Jul 21, 2011

Would a judge block sales of all Android phones based on a new court ruling?

Apple appears to be winning in their litigation battle against Android handset manufacturer HTC. In the worst-case scenario, a judge could block the import of HTC devices from being sold in the US. But also these two major patents apply to Apple's lawsuit cases against Motorola and Nokia. Knowing that shutting down Android sales would give Apple an incredibly strong upper-hand in the smartphone market. Does a judge have the guts to limit the playing field to Apple, or will they be more fair in handing down a judgment in favor of the market leader in handsets (which will also help to promote Apple)? I find it difficult to believe  given the evidence that Apple won't come out a winner in these 3 lawsuite.

Even if Apple wins, I doubt you'd see Android products removed. More likely Google would have to pay Apple some money for their patents, etc. The government is probably not going to see choice removed from the marketplace by banning all Android based products.

So watch for some sort of financial settlement when all the lawsuits are complete.

I would think that a judge would have to think long and hard about banning all Android devices from the marketplace, considering it affects so many people AND provides diversity in an environment that could otherwise become dominated by one dominant player in the smartphone industry.

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