Jul 15, 2014

How much longer can citizens comment to the FCC about net neutrality regulations?

When is the deadline for making a public comment to the FCC in support of net neutrality?


Quick update. The comment period was extended to September 15, 2014 due to problems with the online submission forms. So, as of today you still can and should give your input to the FCC. Source: Computerworld

Looks like cuetip has a good answer for this.

The deadline for public comments WAS July 15, 2014. However, in light of the huge volumn of comments that was apparently too much for the FCC's servers (or perhaps they didn't pay their ISP extra for the "fast lane") the official comment period has been extended to July 18. This means you still have a chance to voice your position on the issue. Comment at the FCC's website, the preceeding number is 14-28. https://www.fcc.gov/comments 

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