Jul 15, 2014

How to stop kids from making in-app purchases?

Amazon has been fighting with the FCC over regulations to limit the ability of kids to make in app purchases. Other than the obvious answer, to wit, don’t let kids have access to your smartphones and tablets, how can parents make it harder (or better yet impossible) for children to make unwanted in-app purchases?


For Android, you can require a password before any in-app purchases (or other purchases) are made. Just open the Play Store app, the tap the menu “button” on the top right - it’s three parallel horizontal lines - then select SETTINGS. Under the “USER CONTROLS” section, there is an option to “Require passwords for purchases.” It’s pretty easy to find and use, which is probably why the FCC is going after Amazon and not Google. 

I believe that it depends on the device you have. It is generally possible to turn off in-app purchasing. This may or may not be part of the parental controls of your device. You'll need to go into the settings to be sure.
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