Jul 14, 2014

Training in big data technologies

I am a traditional data warehouse practitioner for more than 10 years. With the advent of Hadoop and NoSQL, is it imperative to get trained on the new big data technologies? I am based in India.

Hughye has a good answer for this. In general, I think it's a smart idea to stay up to date. Technology is constantly changing and we must change with it to remain useful.

Gartner released the results of a study recently that looks at non-relational technology in it’s data warehouse report. Obviously Hadoop has had an impact in data warehousing, in particular the challenge it has posed for traditional data warehouse technologies. It couldn't hurt to have Hadoop and NoSQL training, but it really depends on your company as to whether it will actually help your career. Not all companies are moving in that direction, and if yours is not, you could waste time and effort to acquire skills and certs that you will never use there. On the other hand, if they are, it could make you more valuable. Give this article about the Gartner report a read, perhaps you can glean some useful insights. 


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