Jul 11, 2014

How to use Google Cloud Print with iOS devices?

My house is all pretty much all Android and Windows devices, but my girlfriend has an iPhone and iPad. I have Google Cloud Print set up so it is easy for me to print from any device anytime I am home. Is there a way for her to use Cloud Print with her iOS devices as well?

How do I print to my Android/iOS tablet or phone?

"To send a print job from your computer to your tablet or phone, install Chrome for Mobile on your Android/iOS device and sign in with your Google Account. You'll see your mobile device listed as a printer in your Google Cloud Print dialogue. Just select your mobile device and your print job will be sent over. You can also share your mobile device with other users just like you would share a printer."


Since you already have a “Cloud Ready” printer, there isn’t too much more you will have to do. She is going to need two things for her iPhone and iPad - the Chrome browser and the PrintCentral Pro app (there are two versions on iTunes, one for iPhone and one for iPad, so make sure she gets both). Chrome is free, but she is going to have to pay about $5 for PrintCentral Pro. Once she has those installed and she is connected to your network, it should be pretty straightforward. 


If you need more info, you might want to look at Google’s Cloud Print beta website.

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