Jul 11, 2014

What companies have the strongest commitment to environmentally responsible data centers?

Data centers use a huge amount of energy, and that amount is increasing as more data centers are constructed and expanded. I’ve seen various estimates, but they consume at least 2% of all electricity used in the US. That’s a lot of energy, and a lot of money. When possible, I try to reward companies that have shown they care about the environment, whether they are motivated by cost containment or alturism. Which companies have demonstrated a commitment to conservation and efficiency in their data centers?

Apple is the most prominent one I can think of off the top of my head. You can get information on their environmental responsibility actions here:


This is a growing trend that is good for a number of reasons; PR, environmental stewardship, and energy savings to name a few. Many of the biggest tech companies have demonstrated a commitment to greener data centers, including Google, Facebook. and Apple. These efforts range from using sustainable sources for generation of energy to building data centers in places where the natural environment can be used to dramatically decrease the need (and expense) of cooling data centers. Hardware manufacturers like HP have also contributed to greener data centers with more efficient servers and servers that can safely run at higher temperatures than was possible in the past. 


Check for ISO 50001 certification of data centers, which shows a high level of commitment to energy efficiency and indicates that the company has a plan for continued improvements in the future. Google has a website that shows some of it’s energy conservation efforts. It’s pretty interesting and worth a look. https://www.google.com/green/efficiency/ 

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