Jul 09, 2014

How to completely wipe personal information from an Android phone?

Avast released a report saying that they were able to recover data, including rather compromising personal photos, from used Android devices that had been “wiped” prior to resale. As someone who replaces my devices on a regular basis, this is an issue of some concern for me. If a factory reset won’t do the trick, what will?

i bought a second hand phone and did a factory reset on it but now it asks for the google account that was previously used on it well i don't know that info so is there a way i can get by this
Flash a new rom and encrypt your device
Keep in mind that the people pulling that data off used devices are experts, it isn’t as if Joe Schmoe can just push a button and your deleted information pops back up. Still to be safe, prior to wiping the device with a factory reset, simply encrypt your device. It’s very easy, but be aware that it might take an hour or so for encryption to be complete. Just go to settings>security>encrypt device.
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