Jul 09, 2014

How to ensure greatest amount of privacy when online?

I am familiar with and use the Tor browser when on my Windows laptop to try to maintain some semblance of online privacy. Is Tor sufficient to ensure privacy, or are there other steps that I should take? I’m not a secret agent or a criminal mastermind, I just don’t think it’s anyone else’s business what I’m doing online, and would like to maintain my personal privacy without too much effort on my part.

I agree with landon, try using Tor with Tails. That's a good way to do it.

Tails 1.0 review – total privacy

"Tails has been a curiosity to us for a while now, long before Snowden made it known to the mainstream. Cropping up every now and then on Distrowatch, we acknowledged that it existed and its list of features seemed to convey that the team knew what they were doing in constructing an ultra-secure and privacy-driven Linux distro. Now post-Snowden and Heartbleed, with the need for journalists and whistleblowers to have true internet privacy, we’ve come to see Tails as a necessity in the changing tech world."

If you want to go to the effort, you could combine Tails Linux distro with Tor. It will allow you to completely encrypt the files, emails, and IMs, as well as automatically for all internet traffic onto the Tor network. The irony, according to many recent press reports, is that by attempting to maintain personal privacy, you may be flagged by the US government as an “extremist.” 


Here’s the link for Tails if you are interested in giving it a try. https://tails.boum.org/ 

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