Jul 08, 2014

Best card reader for tablets

Hi everyone,

A reader asked a question on ITworld's LinkedIn group. We posted it here for your input. If you have any advice for card readers for tablets, please share!

The question (verbatim):
Hi everyone, I need technical help with card readers for tablets. I am launching loyalty platform and have some technical question about card readers. In snap shot, what is the best cost effective way to provide a tablet with a card reader I need a tablet and reader that would communicate. Lets say Samsung Galaxy has 1 micro USB and head phone inlet. Does any one know any card swipe or barcode reader compatible with Samsung galaxy tablet, or is there any other tablet I could use with another reader The reader is for loyalty card only not for credit card.


I use the Samsung USB Connection Kit, you can tranfers your photos right from your camera to your Tablet... 

Catamount seems to have a good answer for this.

If I’m reading the question correctly, you are looking to use a reader to read the magnetic stips on customer loyalty cards that you will create and provide to your customers. There is not a widely known company that provides these services in the way Square does for credit cards, but there are a few options. UniMag Pro is one choice for card readers of this type (http://www.idtechproducts.com/products/mobile-readers/126.html).


To create the loyatly cards, you are also going to need to invest in a card writer (http://www.idtechproducts.com/products/swipe-readerwriters.html).


Lastly, you will also need software for your tablet that will allow the reader to work with loyalty cards. The UniScan application is available on Google Play ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.idscan.android.uniscan... ) and should meet that need for you, although you will need to specifically check for compatibility with the model of tablet that you intend to use. BTW, I don’t have any connection with ID Tech products, they just happened to have both Galaxy compatible readers and card writers. Hope this helps.

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