Jul 07, 2014

What is WiGig?

Is this just a marketing term for a proprietary WiFi signal, or is it something that works differently?

WiGig is the new brand established by the Wi-Fi alliance for the IEEE 802.11ad standard. It is an extremely high-speed, but short range, local networking technology. Enables data rates up to 7Gbps, more than 10 times the speed of the fastest Wi-Fi network based on IEEE 802.11n.

WiGig hels devices to communicate without wires at multi-gigabit speeds. It enables high performance wireless data, display and audio applications that supplement the capabilities of previous wireless LAN devices


If you think about it, even WiFi is kind of a marketing term. Sure the “Wi” part means wireless, but did you ever think about what the “Fi” part means? It means it sounds good with Wi, is what it means. It sounds like HiFi, which many people are (were?) familiar with long before wireless internet, so the name was chosen simply because it sounded familiar and would be easy for people to remember. 


As for WiGig, it is a wireless standard using the 60 GHz band that Qualcomm will likely be incorporating in mobile chips in the near future. It should be significantly faster than the existing WiFi standards that are currently in place. WiGig is also the name of a trade alliance made up of many of the big players (Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, Samsung, etc.)

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