Jul 04, 2014

How to stop iCloud message from auto scrolling on Windows laptop?

When I try to read email messages using iCloud on my laptop and attempt to scroll down in the preview pane, it just keeps scrolling back up. Strange and annoying. It just started happening. I’m using an HP Windows 7 laptop with the chrome browser. I won’t have access to another Windows computer until after the July 4th weekend to check and see if it only happens on my laptop, and I would love to resolve it before then. Any suggestions?

rcook12 has a good answer for this, but here's a link to the iCloud support page in case you have other questions:


I’m not sure how common the problem is, but other people have experienced it. It seems to be something that is mostly limited to the Chrome browser, but at least some people have seen the same problem with IE. Safari seems to be fine, which is not a surprise. Some people resolved it by uninstalling and reinstalling the Chrome browser. Another suggestion that seemed to help a number of people was to make certain that the magnification in the browser is at 100% (use ctrl+0 to reset it to 100%). I haven’t really found a definitive cause or solution, but it seems to me that something must be a little funky on iCloud.

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