Jul 04, 2014

Is Chrome OS suitable for enterprise use?

Google has made some attempts to push Chrome OS as an alternative to Windows XP for businesses now that XP is unsupported. Is this really a valid option for businesses? How well suited for business use is Chrome OS?


I agree. It is vital to determine why you need to use Chrome OS. I've used it and it is a good one for business and education!

I think it really depends on the needs of the business, and the openness (or lack thereof) of the IT department. Some will be able to use Chrome OS, and won't even consider it. I think it's something worth checking into though if you need a replacement for XP.

I’d say it is suitable for some business uses, but not as a complete replacement for Windows. If your company uses Google Apps for Business, that would make it much more attractive. If you don’t mind using the web version of Office, it would be ok for that as well. One nice thing is that since the user experience of Chrome OS/Chromebooks is essentially just the Chrome browser, there is very little if any training needed to transition to it. I’d dare say it is easier for most people to transition from Windows 7 to Chrome OS than it is to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Most of the use I have seen has been Chromebooks. 


Also, price must be a part of the conversation. Even if Chrome OS/Chromebooks can’t replace all of a company’s PCs, they can supplement them at less than 50% of the cost. You can use a Chomebook as a remote desktop, so it could be useful when out of the office. The more comfortable a company is with the Cloud, the more likely they are to find a place for Chrome OS. 


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