Jun 30, 2014

How to select a good web host?

What should be looked for (or avoided) when choosing a web hosting service for a SMB? Any tips?

I think the fully managed support is one of the key features. Moreover, you should check if it is offered for free. My recommendation is to check https://rosehosting.com because I think they offer the best fully managed support for free.

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You need to take into consideration the following things:

1. FTP access provided

2. Speed and reliability of access provided

3. Technical support and backup provided

4. Web hosting company reputation on the market

5. Total amount of web space and badnwidth, the provisions fro expansion

6. Hosting packages and the prices

7. Management of data center and location

For me it was a combination of price and reliability. You don't want to go too cheap and have unreliable service, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg for quality service either. I ended up using HostGator for my blogs and it has worked out very well for me.

I advise checking reviews and comments from current users of whatever hosting service you are considering for yourself. Draw water from many wells and you can get a good idea of what to expect from your potential provider.

If I’m honest, I suppose that the first thing I look at is price, but unless the service is reliable that’s not important. Free junk is still junk. The first important thing I would look for is reviews from past and current customers. There are always a few unhappy people, but if you start to see a pattern of complaints, look elsewhere. Another thing that is important (and often a cause of complaints) is the customer/technical support. If there isn’t 24/7 support offered, I would not go with that company. You might also want to try it out and evaluate it yourself before signing on the dotted line. The last thing you want is for everyone to be asleep or out of the call center when you have a serious problem that can’t be resolved from your end. Lastly, a consideration that used to be more of an issue than it is today is bandwidth and storage space caps. Still, it pays to make sure that these are not going to cause you problems at whatever host you choose. 

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