Jun 29, 2014

Which versions of Android OS are compatible with Android Wear gear?

Which versions of Android can be used with the new Android Wear smartwatches?

You can check to see if your phone is compatible on this site:


Google has set that up to make compatibility checking easy for Android Wear.

It has to be pretty recent, only 4.3 or later are compatible. Since Android Wear (a modified version of Android) is the open source software and dev kit is used by many of the big manufacturers like LG and Samsung, that’s going to be an issue with many devices. You might also want to look at Sony’s SmartWatch 2, which will work on devices running 4.0 or newer. I’m not so sure about Pebble - I know it works with iOS 7, but I don’t know about the Android requirements for Pebble. 

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