Jun 28, 2014

How to stop videos from auto-playing in Firefox?

It drives me crazy when websites start autoplaying videos, especially when they do it each time you go to a new page on a site. Honestly, if I just stopped the same video from playing, why would you serve it up again when I go to another page? How can I stop videos from automatically playing when I’m using the Firefox browser?




You can use flash block add-ons.


Referal Link : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashblock/




Do a search on the Firefox add-ons page for Flash and see if you can find something like Click To Flash. It will stop flash videos from loading until you click the overlay.


Most of the videos that autoplay are going to be Flash, so if you disable Flash it will dramatically cut down on the number you experience. Open Firefox, the CTRL+SHIFT+A to get to your add-ons menu. Once you are there, look for Shockwave Flash and change the setting in the rectangular drop-down menu on the right to “”Ask to Activate.” This should stop the vids from playing unless you grant permission. 

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