Jun 28, 2014

How to use NFC tags with Android devices?

My current Android phone is “NFC capable,” but there really isn’t anything that offers guidance on what I can do with that or how to use it. I know that some places use NFC for “tap to pay” but as far as I know there aren’t any stores that use that around me. Other than that, what can NFC be used to do?

Android Developers has an overview of NFC tags that you might find helpful:


You can use them to set your device up for location specific uses. For example, you might have one at work to change the setting on your phone to silent, so all those chirps and rings don’t disturb others. 


Here are links to a few different articles that can give you more ideas for NFC uses. One I liked from the CNET article was using it to grant temporary WiFi access to your network without bothering with passwords. Hope you find some you like too:




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