Jun 24, 2014

What will the big announcements be at Google I/O this year?

I’m assuming that there will be a new Nexus tablet announcement, which is good, because I’m ready for a new toy. I also expect some Android OS announcements as well, of course. What do you think is going to be the big news out of I/O 2014?

Google Unveils Ambitious Android Expansion at I/O Conference

"Google wants to be everywhere: in your home, your car and even on your wrist.

That vision became increasingly clear at the search giant’s annual conference for software developers here on Wednesday. The company unveiled plans to expand Android, its mobile operating system, for new categories like wearable computers and automobiles."

I think that you have to put the next Android OS near the top of any short list. I haven’t had time to go back and watch todays presentation, but anytime you are talking about a major update to Android that is big news. I did see this short video about the “L” release of Android, and it appears that Google has arguably erased the advantage Apple has had in design and UI. Of course, the proof is in the pudding so we will have to wait and see. http://youtu.be/Q8TXgCzxEnw  


I would also put Googlewear or Google wear or whatever they are calling their new wearable technology products. We have seen that the company is investing in this concept with Glass, and they obviously want to broaden their focus. I have my doubts about the need or utility of wearables in the short term, but with the resources Google has at their disposal it could be a big part of the future. 

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