Jul 20, 2011

How secure is your data center?

Much media attention is paid to stories about hackers using sophisticated tools for breaking into systems VIRTUALLY, just using network connections to get to storage space on a server to steal files. Recently the founder of Reddit was caught after stealing a bunch of data from MIT after having snuck into a server closed and plugging in a laptop and hard drives.
This kind of physical breach may be rare but it underlines the fact that physical security is the first step to keeping your business safe. How well-protected are your servers, routers, and other network devices? When was the last time you performed a security audit? Is it mandatory, and does it take place annually?


Our data center requires biometric hand scans, but I've worked for places that just had an unmanned sign in sheet or which used metallic access cards (which could be stolen or lost or even duplicated). Smaller businesses may have their servers and routers located in closets or small rooms without a lock on the door. So yep, they probably need to rethink their security methods.


The best way to make certain that your data center is secure is to hire professional consultants to perform an SAS 70 audit. In addition to using accepted industry standards to judge the security methods that are in place, it is helpful to have a trained, neutral 3rd-party observe how well your employees are following the guidelines they've been charged to uphold.

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