Jun 22, 2014

What’s the difference between Firefox OS media stick and Chromecast?

I see that there is another streaming media device for the living room coming out. I already have a Chromecast, and while I am satisfied with it, to be honest I rarely use it except to stream music when I’m working from home. I would use it more, but I have multiple game consoles and my PS3 does pretty much everything the Chromecast does and more. So what does the Firefox OS media stick bring to the game that isn’t already there? One one hand, my attitude is the more the merrier, but there has to be some product differentiation.

This Firefox OS-powered streaming stick is Mozilla’s answer to Chromecast

"Google opened up its Google Cast SDK earlier this year, and Google executives have said that they want to bring casting capabilities to countless of apps. However, there are some restrictions Google Cast developers are bound to. Certain types of content aren’t allowed, and the Google Cast SDK is thus far limited to Android and iOS apps as well as web apps.

Mozilla’s device won’t come with these kinds of restrictions, which could enable developers to add cast capabilities to Windows Phone or Fire phone apps. Moreover, developers could also add casting to desktop apps, and may even be able to build their own cast-enabled hardware with little interference from Mozilla. It’s also possible that the hardware could be used to run other software, as it will apparently come with an open boot loader."

I assume that since you use a Chromecast you are probably an Android/Windows/Chome Browser user. Not everyone is, and some people actually want to stay away from Google. Somewhat related to that, I suspect this is going to be easier to use with devices and OSes that don’t have Chromecast support. The price might also be cheaper, but with the Chromecast at $35 I am not sure how much of a discount Mozilla could offer. 


Here is a link to GigaOM’s YouTube video about the Firefox OS media stick: http://youtu.be/VS0VUOfrycw  

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