Jun 20, 2014

How to select employee monitoring software?

I’ve never used employee monitoring software, but we’ve added a few people to my business and I feel like it is something I should at least consider. What features are important to look for when choosing employee monitoring software?

Make sure your employee monitor software can track active time. It's important that the browsing session's time is tracked accurately.

We use a software called BrowseReporter. Easy to set up and works like a charm.

Download it free from their website - http://www.currentware.com/browsereporter
Following two pages will direct you to place where you can download the employee monitoring software,

1. http://www.solarwinds.com/free-tools/network-device-monitor/
2. https://one.comodo.com/

Both the vendors has free version and trial version, based on the one that we download , each one features.

To Answer how to select the employee monitoring software ?

Measuring Project Monitoring and maintenance.
Measuring employee logging and automate network device discovery.
We are using this cloud software https://pinyaguard.com/. Its based in cloud and the licences are not expensive. Very effective tool.
when choosing employee monitoring software, you should consider whether the software can do the followings:
1. log all websites visited. 2. application usage 3. emails/webmails 4. track file operations 5. print jobs 6. removable device 7. online storage...
due to these, I recommend iMonitor EAM(http://www.imonitorsoft.com/employee-monitoring-software.html). It can satisfy all your needs.
Hi all! I recommend to use the program Refog (http://www.refog.com) as employee monitoring software. We installed this program to the computers of employees and gained a significant performance boost and get rid of the problems associated with computer viruses, downloaded from malicious websites
Hi! Before choosing of employee monitoring software, you need to formulate the requirements for it. How many employees work in the company? What do they use, PC or tablets? What exactly do you need to track Internet activity or transactions with local files?
For tracking my freelance employee who are working on my projects. I used Soul Spotter(http://www.soul-spotter.com/). As it's user-friendly and you get the screen shot of there desktop also a keylogger in text file. After this I complete track their work no matter if they work according to there time. It's simply great.

The most important feature for employee monitoring software is URL tracking - this will tell you which websites your employees have been visiting.

This may be a very obvious feature - but some big name software companies offer employee monitoring solutions that will bombard you with TONS of data.

For example, you just want to know if your users have been going on Facebook during work hours. Some monitoring software will give you 100+ pages on a daily report. That's because it is including ALL the URLs, including advertisement links and analytic links.

If you want my recommendation, start by trying out the following Employee Monitoring Software:

1. BrowseReporter - http://www.browsereporter.com
2. SurveilSTAR - http://www.surveilstar.com/monitoring-software.html
3. CyberSpy - http://www.cyberspysoftware.com/
Why Should You Get Employee Monitoring Software?

"There have been cases where menacing employees have leaked trade secrets to competitor firms while some others have mindlessly wasted office hours in shopping or other personal exchanges. Your employee is paid to deliver a certain amount of output within the office hours and he cannot disrupt that for his personal pleasures. Now, of course it’s not possible to monitor your employee activities on the computer every time. Hence it’s suggested that you take to internet based employee monitoring software programs.

Here is a brief on the features you can expect to find in a cutting-edge employee monitoring software."

There are a lot of different employee monitoting software on Windows and I guess all of them have basic features such as:

Web time usage control

Web filtering option (allows to block sites, closec TCP ports and etc.);

Web access notifications and alerts (when specified web sites employees access including the username, computer, time, URL);

View screenshots from a user's computer in real-time mode;

Email capture;

IM recording;

User activity reports (what activities employees take up the most time at your company);

All data export;

Remote client installation;

Database optimization and lots of other things. You can check WorkExaminer software.


It depends on what you are looking to achieve, but I would look for software that included blocking capabilities as well as monitoring. It might not be very popular, but in my experience restricting access to social media sites can significantly improve productivity. If you are in a very sensitive business, you could also choose software that logs everything (including a keylogger). I think this is overkill for 99% of businesses, though, and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable with that level of monitoring. We are talking about employees, after all, not prisoners. 


One other thing I might look for is the ability to monitor file transfers and the use of external drives, especially if you have people dealing with a lot of proprietary information.

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