Jun 19, 2014

What did Nest change for the relaunch of Nest Protect?

I see that Nest has reintroduced Nest Protect, the smart smoke detector that is a part of the Nest “smart home” system with everything interconnected for that Jetson’s lifestyle I’ve been waiting for since watching after-school cartoons. The price was dropped to $99, and I’m curious if there were any features dropped from it?


The Nest Wave feature could be disabled unintentionally, so the Nest company stopped selling its smoke detector and fixed the glitch. Now the Nest Protect is the best WiFi smoke detector & CO monitor for iOS(iPhone/iPad) and Android smartphone on the market. You could get more information with its review from http://www.homecontrolhelp.com/2014/07/nest-protect-best-wifi-smoke-detector-co-monitor-for-iosandroid.html

Google's too-smart-for-own-good Nest Protect alarm is back on sale

"Previously the internet-connected gadget, which combines a smoke detector with a carbon monoxide monitor, retailed for $129.

Google's Internet of Things division was forced to issue a patch to all current Nest Protect owners in May after it was discovered that making random hand gestures could sometimes switch the alarms off without their owners knowing it.

The patch was applied as an over-the-air update and customers didn't need to do anything to get it, but Nest also halted sales of new alarms while it applied the software fix to its existing stock."

Fire 3.5 is a forked version of Android 4.2.2. That means two things in particular: it won’t support the latest LE Bluetooth devices, and the device doesn’t have all of Google software, including most notably Maps. You will need to either depend on Amazon’s app store, which is frankly inferior to Google’s Play in terms of updates and number of apps, or I assume you can also sideload apps. I haven’t had a chance to use Fire 3.5 in person, so a lot of my assumptions are based on the Kindle Fire and early press. Since it is an Android based OS, it will obviously not run applications for iOS or Windows. 

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