Jun 17, 2014

How to get rid of TouchWiz on non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S5?

I know that you can root an Android device and install the version of Android OS that you want. For me, after spending nearly a year using a Nexus 7, that preferred version is plain old Android. Now I’m thinking of replacing my S4 with an S5, but Samsung has a habit of putting a lot of things I don’t need and will never use on devices. Is there a way to get rid of TouchWiz on an S5 without rooting it? I’m hesitant to risk rooting a $600 device, and I’m not even sure if it is possible at this point anyway.

How do i uninstall touchwiz
Samsung is TouchWiz and TouchWiz is Samsung. Nowhere does this haunt you more than the homescreen. The launcher has the signature bright wallpaper and square icons with desktop looking folders.The launcher is your gateway to Android. Switch to something like Nova Launcher or KK Launcher ( a KitKat style launcher) to get an experience closer to vanilla Android.
Check out Themer to apply beautiful themes with just one tap.
Change the wallpaper to something minimal using one of these apps or use Muzei to automatically cycle between awesome wallpapers from different sources.For more details you can check samsung India site.
How do I get TouchWiz off
If you reset your phone and then refuse Samsung's desperate attempts to update your phone - you will reduce the bloatware to near invisible status - its still there, but totally hidden. My son did that. I am almost inclined to buy an Apple for my new phone, even though I have never bought one for myself because of their quasi slave practices in Chinese production facilities. I can't stand the fact that they claim to have a droid (I love droid) but then FORCE an overlay that I neither need nor want.

Probably the most effective thing you can do without root access is use a different launcher to replace the TouchWiz launcher. I’d probably go with Nova, available on the Play store. Go into settings and apps and disable as many of the TouchWiz functions as possible, except of course the ones that you do like. You can also sideload the Google Now laucher and change the wallpaper to standard Android wallpaper for a different appearance. 

This thread might have some clues:


You may not be able to remove it completely though, so your best bet is to buy a Nexus if you want vanilla Android on your next device.
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