Jun 13, 2014

How to improve video quality with Chromecast?

When I’m casting a video from my laptop, the quality is sometimes pretty poor. What can I do to improve video quality when using my Chromecast?

The foil thing worked a little bit, but really having your chromecast on a 5Ghz network is what did it for me. Once it got onto my 5G network boom its nearly flawless.
Wrap your chromecast in aluminum foil. I really works.
The first answer is good, but here's a link to the Chromecast support site in case you have other questions:


Usually the cause is poor WiFi connection with the Chromecast. Since everything is actually going over your WLAN to the Chromecast, it is important to have a strong signal. Turn the display, go to the Chromecast input and look for signal strength. If it is low and you still have your packaging, check to see if you have the short HDMI extension that came with it. Sometimes it can help you get a little stronger signal. If that doesn’t work you might have to move your wireless router - sometime just a foot or two difference or even rotating it can make a significant difference.

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