Jun 09, 2014

how do i find free premium wordpress themes???

plz help me to find any premium WP themes for free...

hi boonmack,

Here you can find some free wordpress themes.
visit: https://www.apptha.com/free-extensions


Finding a free WordPress premium theme is not a difficult task to do. But, with so many choices available on website like nulledirectory.com it will be quite difficult to uncover the best one.  However, no need to get confused, just focus on your business niche, don’t look for over designing, be simple and choose the one that makes your website user friendly and easily accessible. Hope you have got the point what I am trying to say!

Try a DuckDuckGo search, you'll find quite a few out there.


A simple Google search will turn up plenty. There are lots of sites that offer free premium themes, just be careful that you are dealing with a reputable site before you start downloading. Also, remember that you often get what you pay for, and someone had to put in effort to make those Wordpress themes. Maybe you can find something at http://www.woothemes.com/ or http://www.wpexplorer.com/ 

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