Jun 07, 2014

How to open multiple websites when I start Chrome?

Is there a way I can automatically open more than one “start page” when I open Chrome browser? It’s not a big deal to manually go to them, but I have the same 6 sites I use everyday at work, and it would be more convenient if I could have them all open from the start. Is there a way to do this using Chrome browser on a Windows 8 laptop?

Stephen B has a great answer. For more Chrome questions, see the Chrome Help page:


Type chrome://settings/startup in the “omnibox” (another name for the address bar) and then click on “Open a specific page or set of pages.” Then in the “Set pages” link you can enter all of the sites that you want to have as your starting sites, and you can enjoy every morning to an automatic start-up of tabs for ITworld, Reddit, Salon, BBC, and PushSquare, just like I do. I suppose you could also choose different websites. 

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