Jun 06, 2014

How to become a YouTube Partner?

I have a few videos up on YouTube that have tens of thousands of hits. I’m not greedy or anything, but I figure if anyone is going to make money off of my videos, I should get a piece of the pie. What do I need to do to become a YouTube Partner and monetize my videos?

What can you say about this partnership called VSP group? Here's a reqiurements and stuff [url]youtube-networks.com/vsp-group-partnership[/url] it seems OK. I was going to go for it, but I'm kind of hezitating... I need an advice...
Here's a page about the resources for YouTube creators:


"Thanks for creating with YouTube

While you're busy making amazing videos, we're working hard to keep them streaming seamlessly and to grow the collective YouTube audience (we just checked—it's over a billion). Below is a snapshot of some tools and resources to help you through different stages of your creative journey.

The first step is to verify your channel to unlock advanced product features. "

YouTube has a “Creator Hub” that can help show you the way. To get to it, go to YouTube and look at the very bottom of the page for a link to “Creators and Partners.” If you meet the criteria (a mix of requirements for original content, views, etc.) you can go to “monetization” in your account settings and opt in. It will tell you if you are not eligible.



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