Jun 06, 2014

How to copy PS3 game saves to USB flash drive?

Thanks in part to Sony’s generosity with free games on PSN, I’m quickly running out of space on my PS3’s internal hard drive. How can I copy my PS3 game save files to my USB flash drive?

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Dniblock has a good answer for your question. Here's a link to the Playstation support page in case you have other issues:


Plug the USB flash drive into the same USB ports that you use for charging your controllers. Go to the “Game” section on your menu bar (the Xross Media Bar, to use Sony’s term), then scroll up to the Saved Data Utility (PS3) selection. Go to the game data you want to save and press the “triangle” button on the controller. You should see an option to “copy” - select it and it should ask where you want to copy it to. Choose the USB flash drive and you should be good to go.

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