Jun 05, 2014

How to restrict access to some server folders in Windows Home Server?

I'm using Windows Home Server 2011, and the main use is as a media server. How can I make it so that some folders can't be accessed, but others can? I don't mind the kids and their guests having access to all the music, for example, but I don't need an angry mom calling me because her kid just watched a bunch of my rated M animes, so I'd like to prevent access to videos. How do I set it up to do this?

How To Restrict Shared Folder User Access In Windows Home Server 2011

"When sharing folders using Windows Home Server 2011, you can restrict access to specific or all folders from the Home Server. In this post I will tell you how to manage shared folder access for your Vail server to make sure that all users do not have unrestricted access to all files and folders. For instance, it might be a good idea to restrict access to important files for novice users (e.g. a lay user or child who uses the Home Server files) to avoid data loss and damage."
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