Jun 04, 2014

How to install 3rd-party extensions for Chrome browser?

Google made changes to the Chrome browser recently, and now I can only install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. I know that this is similar to the deal with Google Play for Android devices, but with Android I can just change settings to allow apps from "untrusted sources" to be installed. How can I do something similar with Chrome browser so that I can install third-party extensions?


actually i realised that IDM has installed his extension but we cann't install other extensions locally. How IDM installs extensions?? Can't we install that way? Actually i've an extension which is not available in chrome store, i need to install that extenstion plez guid.

How to Install Third Party Extension in Google Chrome

"Last year Google disallowed to install third party extension in Google Chrome because they want to make browsing more safer. Now they are analyzing every extension that is uploaded to the Chrome Web Store for malicious code and security threats to keep Chrome users protect from unknown threats.

A hacker can easily develop the harmful extension that can collect information that you are using on Chrome as well as in computer. Even Google also blocked third-party extension that are available on other websites which gets installed directly in Chrome with a single click. It means now you can’t install any third party extension in Google Chrome that is available outside of Chrome Web Store for the security reason."
It's actually kind of similar to installing 3rd party apps on Android.

1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the website with the extension that you want to download. Chrome extensions are .CRX files.

2. Download the file to your computer. Chrome will display a warning about extensions possibly being harmful. If you feel comfortable downloading from your source, click "continue."

3. Click on the "Customize and control Chrome" button (three horizontal lines in top right of browser window) and to to TOOLS>Extensions, then check the little box for "Developer mode" at the top right.

4. Find the extension file that you just downloaded, and drag and drop it into the extensions page. Review the permissions you are granting, and if you are still ok with it, confirm that you want to install, then click "Add." If you change your mind later, your can delete the extension by going back to the Extensions page and clicking on the little trash can next to it.
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