Jul 19, 2011

Would you choose an Amazon/Android tablet over an iPad?

It's rumored that Amazon is looking to build a follow-on product to their popular Kindle e-book reading devices, and that this new line of products would resemble the other Android-based tablets that are being sold by Motorola, RIM, Samsung, and others. Given the failure of these other devices to sell well, would you be interested in such a device if it had the Amazon brand name attached to it? What would make Amazon's tablet any better than the iPad, whose popularity is blamed for the lack of success of Android tablets?


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I'd have to say no because my iPad is doing everything I need it to do. Also, I own a Kindle eink reader so the Amazon Fire device really doesn't add anything I need. I actually prefer reading Kindle books on an eink screen rather than an LCD screen.

So I'm going to stick with my iPad for now. I suppose if some other tablet comes out that really knocks my socks off, then I might buy it. But it would have to be really good to get me to switch since the iPad already does everything I need a tablet to do.

not "over" but in addition due to lack of flash


Amazon seems to have their act together when it comes to selling digital movies, music, and books. I'm sure that they can do at least a good a job as Apple when it comes to selling Tablets and Tablet Apps, but they'll have to be more price-conscious than Apple ($399 not $499 for an entry model), and use the sales of apps to make up the difference in earnings. If they treat developers of Apps better than Apple, and end up with some exclusive titles that won't work on an iPad, they could even have a hit on their hands.


I'm not sure everyone needs a tablet computer, because they're not so good for content creation, only for content consumption. And with the economy the way it is, asking people to part with $500+ on something they don't need seems a bit ridiculous. Until Android's applications reach the maturity of the iPad's, and unless Amazon can market their tablets as well as Apple, I'm not sure that the Amazon brand name will help that much.

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