Jun 03, 2014

How important is Open-IX certification for data centers?

Is Open-IX certification something that one should look for when evaluating a data center? How widespread is Open-IX at this point?


"Anyone can adopt Open-IX standards and apply for Certification. Becoming certified signifies that you are not only adopting the standards but that the global and authoritative Internet user and operator community of Open-IX has jointly certified your operations and provides you with the right to utilize its certification marks so that the public can easily identify an Open-IX IXP or Open-IX Data Center and enjoy the benefits that it brings."

Open-IX isn't that widespread yet, but it is growing. Currently there are 23 Open-IX certified data centers


The idea behind Open-IX is commendable. Basically, they want to bring a more European model to the US internet exchange points, and move away from a system where a handful of large companies operate and control North American internet exchanges. Data Center Knowledge has an article that discusses Open-IX that you might find interesting. 


You can also learn more direct from Open-ix.org 



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