May 30, 2014

How to add favicon to WordPress blog?

I have a self-hosted WordPress blog, and I want to add a personalized favicon to it (a favicon is the little image that is in the address bar next to the URL on some websites). What do I need to do to add one?


One of the very basic yet the most advantageous thing about WordPress is that, one can add almost any kind of functionality on their site or blogs using the appropriate plug-ins. One such kind of plug-in which is required to add a favicon on a WP based blog is Anythingforwp.com. Give it a look and use the same for adding this on your blog.

Techvedic has a great answer, but here's a WordPress plugin that you might find useful too.

Custom Favicon

"This plugin allows you to add upload custom favicon & Apple touch icon for your website and WordPress Dashboard using built-in media uploader."

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