May 27, 2014

How much does it cost to develop a AAA quality video game?

I know that the costs of video game development has increased significantly with each new generation of gaming console, but what kind of money are we talking about. How much does it take to make a major release, AAA title like Last of Us or Watch Dogs?


It's hard to get hard numbers for development costs, but it can be very, very expensive. I do know that Bungie has up to a $140 million budget for Destiny. A good estimate for a "typical" AAA title like COD or Gran Turismo would probably be $40-60 million dollars. 


Kotaku has a list of some estimated game costs, some for development, some for marketing. According to that list, Watch Dogs cost about $68 million to develop, but I've seen other sources give figures closer to $150 million. 

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