May 21, 2014

How widespread is smartphone theft?

I live in a very small town, so I know that my experience isn’t the same as someone in LA or New York, but I actually don’t know anyone that has had a smartphone stolen. I still support having a kill switch, just out of common sense. Nationwide In the US, how big of a problem is smartphone theft? Anyone know the numbers?


According to the FCC, about 40% of all roberies in NYC in 2011 were related to smartphones or mobile devices. The numbers for DC were similar, so yes, it is a significant problem. In a small town, it's probably not going to be as big of a problem becuase smartphone thefts occur disproportionately in urban areas, but it still happens. A Consumer Reports article claims that there were 3.1 million smartphone thefts nationwide in 2013. 

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