May 20, 2014

How much memory is needed for Android 4.4?

I was looking at a new mid-range Android phone, an LG Volt, which comes with Android 4.4 KitKat. Looking at the specs, it only has 1GB of RAM. Is that enough to run 4.4, or does it really need more memory than that to run smoothly?




It will working good with 1 gb ram. Also use 32 to 64 Gb memory card, don't much use of phone memory. than your phone will be work smoothly.




Yes if you are a moderate user, then 1 GB ram is good to go! and if you are more of a extreme user, like playing graphic intensity games, then you should look for 2 gb. Otherwise 1 gb ram is enough to run it smoothly!

In general, RAM is like money - more is better. However, Android has actually gotten better with 4.4 at running smoothly on lower powered devices. One of the downsides of older versions of Android was that the lower end and midrange devices could be pretty janky, and it got worse over time. Google apparently realized that it wasn’t enough for Android to run smoothly only for the minority of customers with high end devices, and turned their attention to improving this issue. The upside of it is a device with solid (if unremarkable) specs like the LG Volt will be able to provide a good user experience. Would 2GB of RAM be better? Sure. Will you notice a significant performance penalty with only 1GB? Not really.
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