Jul 18, 2011

Are there any drawbacks to sharing VOIP connections with PC's?

When we migrate to VOIP phones, we'll need to share the cable drops at each desk between the pc and the phone. Will this cause any problems?


For most people, it won't be a problem because your network router, switches, printers, and VOIP phones will be capable of handling 10/100 connections at best. But many servers, pc's and all Macs support 10/100/1000 (gigabit ethernet).  So if you have a data-heavy work environment (graphic designers, video editors, etc.) then you could potentially be slowing down your computer's data transfer rates if you daisy-chain the computer off the VOIP phone. In these cases you may consider running a second line for the phone kept separate from your computer's gigabit connection to the router/switch/server.

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