May 16, 2014

W8 - maybe a stupid and very basic "how to" question -

I have just reestablished W8 on my Acer Aspire X3470 by a Flash Drive with the settings excactly for that purpose. (It took - by the way - 14 hours (?) - Now it looks like the W8 is installed. However - the startscreen has appeared and clicking it brings me to the "New user" screen asking me for "name" and "password" - which I normally never use and I do not remember that I maybe at a moment was "forced" into making one.


I of course tried out the names and passwords that I normally use for other purposes, but still I do not get any further thatt to this (stupid) screen. As there are no other options than either "name and pass" or "mail + the password" (suppose from my Microsoft account that I dont have (?) - and upon that the PC is (of course) still not connected to the internet. I hope that one of you outthere maybe have an advice or two about this Microsoft-logic - any comments will be appreciated ... thx

I can't answer your question directly, but here's a link to the Windows 8 support site. You might be able to get more information there.

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